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A Tale of Two Cities…and Widnes! | Gemma Roberts : Comedian

Well, the start of another week brought a message from The Studio – they’d had a drop out and I could have the spot! I loved it there so I grabbed the opportunity to go again and this time I was on the bill for the comedy night with headliner Liam Pickford – he was hilarious, in a dead pan way, but brilliant timing – just great!  The MC for the night was the brilliant Edy Hurst who can also do musical comedy – a great talent.  I also met a great female comedian called Sarah Lloyd from the Rhyl Comedy Club, who was very witty and a great darker sense of humour.

My set went well and I enjoyed another great night at The Studio in Widnes. I was flying solo so it was fantastic to see our mate Rob and his daughter Louise come along for support. Thanks guys 😘

On to Manchester…

On Sunday 8th July, I went and did Laughing Calves in Manchester, organised by Hazel and the brilliant MC Sian Davies. This gig is a great one to do and I was made up to get a spot…it’s the precursor to Laughing Cows which is an all female professional gig!  It was held in Tribeca in Manchester which is also home to the Women in Comedy Festival, so a very exciting venue / event to perform at.

Some great females were on the bill and I met a great comedian called Penella Mellor, a very funny lady who gave me some sound advice and contacts –  thanks Penella hopefully see you soon!   Hazel was happy for me to come back when the night returns in September, so that’s great news!

Sorry there is only one pic, Andy filmed the event, resulting in minimal pics and as I really enjoyed the night, I forgot all about taking some photos…😜

On to Brum…

I’d emailed a list of contacts that we were given at the end of our comedy course if we wanted to continue with comedy and do open mic spots. One was in Birmingham, a bit far, but my mate from the course (and fellow comedian), Paul, said he’d go too, so we emailed Dave Francis @ The Holly Bush and headed on down that there M6.

The comedy night was in the beer garden and the stage was the grid… and it made for one if the best sets / gigs I’d ever done!  All the locals come along and really support Dave’s night – and what a great bunch they are!  It was a great atmosphere and the other comedians were all great too. Paul and I both had a great gig (we even managed a pre-gig curry in Spoons beforehand) and I’d love to go back and do it again.  Dave said he’d gladly have us back which is great!

Positive Points

  • I can’t think of any negative ones!
  • Go to every gig you can get, as you meet so many interesting people and sometimes all you get is one great comment which really helps with confidence.
  • Write and re-write…film yourself! Really look at how your set can be improved.
  • Take advice – Sian Davies & Penella Mellor gave me some great advice which I’ve already implemented.
  • Re-work some jokes that could be quicker, or punchier, to get maximum effect.
  • Enter some competitions so you get to really know where you stand.

So, I’m entered for the Great Yorkshire Fringe “New Comedian of the Year” competition this weekend watch this space as there’ll be a vlog!  I’m also going to go back to the Frog & Bucket as I’ve got my eye on that damn frog! Oh, and I’ve submitted two more entries for new comedian awards, so let’s see where all this takes us…

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my Hubband for his support and all the techy stuff with my blog etc and a huuuuge thank you to my Mum-in-law Ann, who has done extra baby sitting without whom I couldn’t go and do some of these gigs 😘

For a good balance, I aim to do two gigs a week and they’re usually after my little one is in bed so comedy works so well for me, I work part time and do comedy  – in between work and dooogs and baby and house time I look for gigs and email and write jokes…though that mainly happens when practising my set(s) in the car as it’s a great place to come up with new stuff.

On a serious note, as is well documented, I suffered with anxiety after George was born and I’ve barely had an anxious thought because comedy is keeping me busy and positive.  It’s not for everyone, but if you think you need to build your confidence, keep busy, get out if the house or just want to have a laugh then book onto The Comedy Trust Comedy Course!

Thanks for reading.

Gem x