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A Voice (and a Face) for Radio | Gemma Roberts : Comedian

So have you all been saying to yourself for weeks …… “How did Gemsy end up on the freakin’ wireless?” Good question and it shall be answered here so grab a brew……Go on, I’ll give you a minute……ready?

July 29th saw another cheeky gig at Hot Water Comedy Club.  I love it there as the audience are just so up for a laugh and the MC Freddy Quinne did a great job in getting them all laughing beforehand. An old college mate, Sharon, was in the audience so I always like it to go well especially if there are people who know you.

Here again, for your visual and auditory delight, is my “before vid” – I really need to work on the vlogging skills (yes I tried to shoot a vlog in the dark 🙄!)

How did Gemsy end up on the freakin’ wireless?

Anyway, it went well very well actually and I got lots of laughs – it’s a great place to gig! So a little quiz – Do you remember my last blog where I couldn’t do the night at The Albion in Warrington as George was ill?  Well, the very lovely Dave Appleton gave me another gig on 1st August 1st – YAY! I went along and Laura (my lovely bestie) was there (whom I affectionately call “Dogface”…it’s ironic as she’s gorg!) and she brought the lovely Paula & Pam, her sister, bro-in-law and nephew! It’s brill having support, so thank you guys 😘 At this very gig I met Roy Basnett (brilliant ex Radio City Talk DJ) who was there with his mate Peter Slater. Peter was doing a set as the hilarious Randolf Tempest…if you see him advertised, you must go, it’s brilliant !!!

Anyhoo, I got chatting to Roy and after seeing my set he asked if I’d like to do a spot on his new radio show at a brand new radio station in Crosby called Bliss Radio (it took me about 3 seconds to say yes !) as it sounded like great fun and of course radio is great exposure for gigs etc. THEN, as if that wasn’t brill enough, Peter offered me a great gig at The Mercury Comedy Night in Westhoughton on the 6th September- my first 20 minute set! I went home so excited about the new challenges this journey has brought me.

There’ll be weekly updates and links to the radio show which is available on DAB in the North West & North Wales and also on the internet…. it’s brilliant fun (oh did I mention, Roy offered for me to go in weekly – so I’m on every Tuesday between 10am-11am discussing all things funny & topical!) So excited, it’s great fun & I have a real laugh with Roy doing the show.

All sooooo exciting… Points to Ponder

  • Life is great……that’s it for this week folks 👍

Did you wonder though how did she end up on Radio City as well ? Wonder no more, I’ll tell you in my next blog.

Big up to the hubband for support & techy stuff …….. I’d be using a pen & paper if it wasn’t for him and a huuuuge thanks to Roy Basnett & Peter Slater for having a bit of faith in me. In the world of comedy, you need people that are going to give you a chance in order to progress, so massive thanks guys!

Gem x