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Competitive Comedy…that’s a laugh! | Gemma Roberts : Comedian

So guys, I’m so sorry to the 3 readers of my blog – I neglected my fortnightly duties and missed my end of June blog!!! I’m surprised you’ve not all been outraged!  So, here it is, but the good news is I’ll be doing another straight after so tonight when you can’t sleep look no further…

Last time I left you, I was about to do Beat the Frog in Manchester…well I went along and I did a little Instagram video “before” and “after” – see below.  For those of you who don’t know, my instagram account is @gemmascomedydiaries – follow me why don’t ya!

The idea of the event is that you try to stay on the mic for 5 minutes without getting ‘frogged’ off (i.e. when the 3 selected audience members, given cards, all put them up). Anyhoo, I arrived going solo (as hubby couldn’t make it) and when I got there my lovely comedy mate Allan Lear was there with his wife Erica and they showed me some support which was great!

I felt really nervous and I think it showed…but I stayed on the full 5 minutes & so did Allan (honestly we’re dead funny 😂). I got a huge cheer at the end but the frog winner was Mamoun Elegab who was just brilliant so I figure if you’re going to lose it, it may as well be to someone good – he certainly had the edge over all of us that night! But I loved it…it was great fun the Frog & Bucket is a great venue for comedy!!! I may go back and try and win that damn frog at some point…. Here are some visual delights from the evening – I’ve cropped out my rolls of fat from the stage picture (more rolls than a Greggs counter under that top) – wouldn’t want to put you off your pre bobes tea and toast 🤢.

PS – my Dad dropped and picked me up and got lost in between. So, when he arrived to collect me he had 2 “randoms” with him that he had rescued out of the rain in exchange for directions…they were a lovely couple who looked very grateful he hadn’t turned out to be a raging murderer and had in fact just bored them stupid with anecdotes of his funny daughter trying to win a frog or summat ??! Big shout out to them, otherwise I’d still be standing on a street corner in Manchester 👍.

What I love about comedy is random stuff…the next day, after Beat the Frog, my mate Paul couldn’t do a gig and let me know I could do it.  So I messaged John Wilson at HooHa Comedy and went down to Constellations a great bar in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.  It was a small gig as their comedy nights are new but great 👍 and I bumped into Sam Avery doing some try out stuff for his tour – it was great to see a face I knew as I was flying solo again. The venue is great and watch this space as I’m trying to secure it for a little idea I have for the Liverpool Comedy Festival in September…oooh are you intrigued ??? Are ya ? …… no? ok. I’m thinking of a little comedy showcase of some funny people I’ve met and hopefully we’ll be able to pull it off and I think this venue is great so keep your eyes peeled….John Wilson of HooHa Comedy was really helpful showing me the space that could be used so thanks John👍 great gig.

Positive Points !

  • Put yourself forward & step out of your comfort zone. There’s one thing in getting up in the first place, but another in making connections and putting yourself forward for competitive comedy…nerve-wracking, but it turns out great fun.
  • Any gig (big or small) is worth every minute to chat to others who have been doing comedy for a long or short time as you get so much advice and contacts.
  • I didn’t get frogged off 🎉🐸
  • Ad lib occasionally to edit and develop. I’ve added and taken away gags and bits of stories to make them quicker or sharper as re-writing and editing is important. In the car, I go through my sets a lot and then randomly add bits. This week I stopped at the side of the road to write a gag down I’d just said randomly in the car because I was laughing at it…..I mean if I don’t think I’m funny I’ve got no hope have I ? 😂
  • There is always something to learn…and what’s the worst that can happen in comedy…you’ll get laughed at…hopefully 👍

Check out my website for gig updates they change weekly ….. and come and see me it’s lovely to see a friendly face.

Gem x