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In Hot Water… | Gemma Roberts : Comedian
This week I got to do some comedy at Liverpool’s hottest comedy venue….Hot Water Comedy Club. I did a 7-minute set that was filmed and will be on their YouTube channel in the not too distant future! (UPDATE: I’ve added it below).
It’s a great set up, the acts are in another room and the crowd was brilliantly warmed up by the great MC Freddy Quinne.

I was so nervous I forgot to make a before and after video…. and managed one picture! A lot of family & friends came so I was even more nervous….. but it went well apart from one woman falling off her chair….. I was relieved I wasn’t being heckled to be honest, as there was just some noise coming from the corner but under the lights you can’t see in the dark corners.

I mean in fairness to her falling off a chair is always funny……and I carried on regardless got my jokes out on time and got a nice comment off Freddy so I was happy. Great night of comedy 👍

Here are my lovely bunch supporting me 😘

And there’s me on that there poster !!! 👍

Onto Friday & I was to have a smashing night of laughter …… I’m genuinely loving comedy. I had messaged a guy called Ged Jaras who runs Stand up at The Studio in Widnes to get a gig. He said he had a gig supporting comedian Lindsey Davies on her Edinburgh previews of Gin & Comic …. so after work I went over to the studio and had a great night. Ged is a great guy and was happy with my set and said if he could he’d offer me another gig at some point 🎉

That’s what it’s all about !! I was so happy.

Lindsey’s show was hilarious and if you get the chance to see her get there.  I also met another comedian and Aussie Kath Marvelley – very talented funny lady.  The brilliant MC was Neil Shawcross really friendly and great at warming up the lovely audience.

It is such a great relaxed atmosphere and Ged does the comedy night monthly so follow the FB page and go along it’s a great way to spend a Friday night.

Here’s my picture gallery if you will …..

Positive Points:

  • Keep asking….the comedy circuit is so busy and places for open spots and gigs get snapped up so I’ve learnt if you don’t hear back straight away, just wait watch the forums and go for the next gig.
  • Patience pays off
  • There’s always something to learn at every gig speak with everyone you can. I got lots of contacts from Lindsey she was so encouraging.
  • Write & edit, write & edit……. you never know where you’re going to go next be prepared. Have a good 5 min set and a good 10 min set at least. I’m now building up to a 20 min set but I’ve yet to try it as I’m perfecting my 5 & 10 sets.

What’s next …….. Jesstival my first festival gig!!! Stay tuned.

Rather worryingly I came home and the Hubband had been at the races all day and this was on the side….

I fear I’m neglecting him for comedy……..

He says he didn’t watch them – he stayed in the bar 🤔😂

Gem x