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My First Fringe! | Gemma Roberts : Comedian

No, not that one…

My very first Fringe Festival in Yorkshire ….. I’ll tell you all about it but first to the week commencing July 16th …. cast your mind back …..sorry dear readers I’ve neglected my blog again but I will get better!

So, the week began with 2 planned gigs and a heat of the Yorkshire Fringe “New Comedian of the Year” competition.

My first gig was due to be for Dave Appleton at The Albion in Warrington but I had to cancel it as my little boy had terrible conjunctivitis and we ended up in Alder Hey – a truly wonderful place, who, when we’ve needed them have been amazing

But remember this it’s important later… So, I reluctantly cancelled the gig but by the next night George had recovered well enough for me to go and do a gig after he’d gone to bed.

I went to gig at the very lovely Pros and Coms in Lark Lane….. I have enclosed a bit of a vlog !!! It was a great gig with Dave Bawden, Sam Freeman and Sam Avery trying out some of his tour stuff. George who runs the gig let me go first in case I had to come home early. It’s a lovely intimate gig and if you get the chance go along they have a bit of poetry and music too – I really enjoyed it. Sam Freeman as an MC was brilliant the audience loved him 👍 my set went well and I tried out some new bits which got a laugh and I was happy, I didn’t bring the house down but the laughs were there…. always room to improve !

Here’s my post vlog ……. it’s just the kind of expert oratorical and visual genius you can expect when following me 👌

Youuuur welcome 😂

To that there Yorkshire ….

I had entered myself into the Yorkshire Fringe “New Comedian of the Year” competition and I headed on up there with one of my numero uno fans (there’s two of them!!😂)

The festival is a great atmosphere so go if you can ….. the heats were in a lovely venue called the Teapot tent.  There were 8 acts on and I was 6th in the line up and my set went well and got some good laughs so I was happy…… but I know when I’m beaten – Mark Grimshaw & Chris Jackson went through …… they both got to the final and Mark won so if I’m gonna lose out, I was very happy it was to the best of the bunch – big congratulations to Mark … one to watch (check out his performance at Hot Water Comedy Club).

It was a great experience……I shall be back next year – with a bit more experience under my belt 👍 Me and my cousin Helen had a great time in that there York …. see you next year.

Points to ponder:

  • You learn from every experience in comedy – I’ve had good feedback mostly for my set everywhere I’ve been and a competition reminded me not to rest on my laurels and continue to write and try new stuff.
  • Mates and family are boss at making you feel better.
  • My comedy journey will take time to become professional and I need to slow down a bit and learn / hone my skills.  It’s not as easy as it looks.
  • Have fun always …..it’s only a laugh.

Thanks for reading you guys …. gonna keep the next ones coming soon and will blog weekly from Sep 10th when I’ve allotted myself weekly comedy time for blogging & writing. I had to do this as if you don’t devote time to getting gigs, sending emails and video clips and updating media you’ll just fall by the wayside.  I admire successful comedians you’ve got to rreeeeeaally want to do this as it takes perseverance and your own time and expense to make waves and get noticed in this game.

Did you wonder how I ended upon the wireless ?? I’ll tell ya in my next blog 👍

Thanks to the hubband for all his great tech knowledge and work, and to Hel for coming to my competition with me 😘

Gem x