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So it Begins… | Gemma Roberts : Comedian

Rather unconventionally my husband for my 40th Birthday gifted me a comedy course…with the FABULOUS Comedy Trust Liverpool.

I had always had people say to me “you are funny” or “you should be on stage” but I just thought ‘loads of people are funny I’m nothing special’ but inside I felt I had missed something in life that I really wanted to do, I loved it when I made people laugh with a story or comment.

Thinking back now I was probably born for comedy from a young child I have always somehow managed to make an idiot of myself with great ease !

In school out of a whole hall of kids having their dinner, a server took a knock from someone else and turfed a whole bowl of custard right over my head whilst I was trying to tell a funny story to a boy I kinda liked …… he laughed soooo hard I think he wet himself ! #missionaccomplished!

Or the time I was an angel in the nativity (never fucking Mary or anyone with a significant part) always the fat freckly angel, busting out of a white dress made of sheets lashed with glitter ….and I pissed myself ! Thinking about it now no wonder I pissed myself I was probably thinking how much more exciting the bog was !

Or the time I got lost for about 3 seconds at Camelot and took myself to lost property ….my mothers name was announced on the tannoy “Mrs Roe could you attend lost property ….. we have your child!….. “she didn’t even know I was gone (apparently) I looked at her like ‘yeah you just try and lose me bitch’ you’re stuck with this little fat freckly burden FOREVER!!!

It went on into my teens and adult hood, without doubt I could make an absolute show of myself in almost any given situation…. whilst trying to appear cool or later professional because to my own and I think everyone else’s surprise I managed to get a degree in dentistry, which for a girl from the north end of Birkenhead is big news……..my original goals had been like

1. A job ……. yeah get one a those !

But even that went like this….

“No Mrs Jones I can categorically state your symptoms do not point towards infection I can say with some certainty it is simply sensitivity” cue Mrs Jones returning the next day with a huge swelling and me having to eat shit laced humble pie!!

#minefield !

Anyway you get the gist I have a plethora of funny stories to share with you, that even if you don’t laugh at they WILL make you feel better about your own life that’s for sure.

So about 2 months ago I attended the comedy course for beginners with The Comedy Trust

The course was nothing short of great! I met the brilliant comedian that is Sam Avery. He’s written a book called the Learner Parent, he’s on Facebook and Instagram and very funny…. in fact so funny he’s got his own tour this year called The Learner Parent…. google it and go !!

There was 8 of us on the course and we were each asked to put together 5 minutes of comedy for the next week. We all went in the second week with stuff prepared and though nerve-wracking it was great fun !!

Over the course of the next few weeks we all got feedback from Sam and also helped each other as a group to get better and improved our sets, I loved my Tuesday nights. It was a brilliant learning curve for comedy and the confidence given to me by Sam and the group just grew, we eventually came to the finale of the course …… doing our set on stage in front of our guests 😳

I poo’d 3 times in one day !!! I was so nervous…..and watching my fellow new comedians get up and do their thing brilliantly I was heading for my 4th poo of the day surely ! But before I knew it Sam called my name and I was up there ……… I absolutely loved it and what’s better is people laughed…… actually out loud !!!πŸ‘it was great and my immediate feeling was I need to do this again …. I didn’t know where or how yet but I knew that I wanted to just quite simply make people laugh I loved it, it was a great feeling.

So I came home and started e mailing comedy venues, I know it won’t be easy but it’ll be fun !!

I also approached Sam who very brilliantly gave up some time to sit with me and give me some contacts and advice…….. so here I am it’s now my first month I have 3 gigs lined up and this very evening I have just been confirmed to do a 5 minute set on an evening with Tony Slattery at Hoylake Social Club tickets are at westkirbyrotary.org please come if you can. I’m putting together new material all the time, some will work, some won’t, some nights will be great and some won’t but either way as Mumsy Roe would say “if nothing else it’ll be a laugh”

If you fancy a go at comedy, then I recommend the Comedy Trust

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