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The Story Continues… | Gemma Roberts : Comedian

So I had a little holiday with the family it was muchly needed. So with that I obviously did not have gigs planned but last weekend, I instead watched a lot of comedy ….. something I’d not done a great deal of before…. it’s so great to go and see live comedy 👍

On the Friday night we went to Alexander’s in Chester …..we went to see Mick Ferry (friends of ours are friends with him) and he was great as all the acts were, but the compère Alex Boardman really was a outstanding! We had such a laugh. Then on Saturday night I went along to see my mate Sam Avery do his thing and I took my mate for her birthday and it was a really great night !! Go for some comedy it’s a good night out ! Sam was hilarious especially if you’re a parent he’s doing a tour called ‘the learner parent‘ I got my husband tickets for Father’s Day it’s so funny listening to the ups and downs and brilliant honesty of parenting !!!

Here’s a pic of my girlies Caz & Julie and also the image at the top is Sam & me! (Get tickets to see him !! He’s funny)

Anyhoo I met a promoter who gave me her e-mail to send my video from the Laughter Locker to her,……. lesson here … always ask I may not be quite ready for what she needs but always always ask.  I asked the brilliant barmaid who actually introduced me to the promoter when she came in later on …..so you just never know keep asking and gathering contacts! Anyway, I sent my video to her and we’ll see…… I’ll let you all know either way because this blog is about the ups and downs of going into comedy and it won’t always go your way …..I did a gig on Monday in West Kirby….it was quieter than I have been used to but I’ve been very lucky so far and despite it being a bit quiet I still got up stayed focused got my set out and got some laughs ! It’s important not to get thrown and just persevere with any given situation I ended up having a good night ! Hubband came and supported and took some promo shots and my mate Paul Clarke was there too doing a set ! Met a few comedians too and made some new mates and contacts 👍 all in all not a bad comedy week !

Positive points!

  • always ask who books the gig you’re at? You won’t get anywhere without asking.
  • Learn from others …watching other comedians this week has made me see my level and the work I need to do, but also that I have potential !!
  • Think big – don’t be afraid to ask send a message ….. ask again and persevere.
  • Don’t get too thrown if a gig isn’t going your way try to stay focused stick to your set and get it out at least ! Have faith in your material …… and just do it !!

This week I’m doing my first competitive gig tomorrow night in Manchester at the Frog & Bucket, basically I try to do a 5 minute set and there’s 3 audience members with cards, if all 3 go up you’re off ! If you get to 5 mins you go into a clap off at the end !! So wish me luck 🐸🍀

Thanks for reading

Gem x