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Week 1 – Where do I Begin? | Gemma Roberts : Comedian

Well what a comedy week it’s been!!!

Last I wrote I had 1 gig under my belt with the next one planned for next week, but such is the wonderful world of comedy…. earlier last week Charlene from the comedy trust sent round an e mail she had received from Allan Lear an excellent comedian and graduate of the comedy course, that requested some new acts for a night with none other than Tony Slattery (an opportunity far too good to miss) I loved ‘who’s line is it anyway’ when I was a kid !

So I e mailed Allan got myself a spot and off I went… brilliant night listening to Tony about his career and struggles.

There were other new comedians Mark Lindsey and Bob who were all new to comedy like myself and though nervous we all did our set and made the audience laugh.

For me I took great positives I had to get laughs from a whole room of people I didn’t know and it felt great. I was pleased with what I did and the night raised money for Wirral Ways to Recovery aswell.

So to move myself forward I also booked another gig in Birmingham for a few weeks from now and got myself a gig at the Frog and bucket in Manchester !

On the Saturday My husband got us tickets to see the laughter house comedy night at the Floral Pavilion in new Brighton ! Just brilliant comedians I laughed so much and it showed me the true value of making people laugh at a live gig as oppose to watching it on the telly 👍 we saw Neil Fitzmaurice, Gary Delaney, Russell Kane, Jason Byrne, Paul Sinha, to name a few…. the next day I tweeted my enjoyment and no less than Neil Fitzmaurice and Gary Delaney replied with advice for me as a new comedian 😊 !!! Great Boost

This week I’m soooo nervous as I have a really great gig in the Laughter Locker I’m on a bill with the Brilliant Sam Avery and Hayley Ellis…v excited !!!

I think most of my family & friends have bought all the tickets to be honest I’m surprised anyone else has had a look 👀 in !!!!!

I’m at the comedy Balloon in Manchester on Wednesday so I’ve got pretty exciting week of comedy ahead. And lots to write about next week I hope !!

Come along if you can……👍

Gem x