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What an Incredible Week !!! | Gemma Roberts : Comedian

Where do I start?

So Tuesday I did the Laughter Locker in the basement of the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool !! Organised by the fab Cash & Kat …It was great…… met some brilliant comedians including Hayley Ellis and she was really encouraging and supportive and gave me a few contacts and pointers ….. it’s great when other comedians compliment you and encourage you. Cash & Kat were great and gave me advice on where to try next – it was a really great gig and lots of my lovely friends came and brought their friends which was great !!!

Thanks everyone!

On Wednesday, I went to Manchester to do the Comedy Balloon in the Ape and Apple pub… what a great gig and venue!! I stayed for the evening and watched the other acts too – some brilliant talent ….. least of all my mate Paul Clarke from my course who just was so impressive in the space of a few short weeks! I met the compere Si Machin who was really encouraging and again gave me advice on where to go next etc.

So I had done two gigs and I think when you’ve done one find one to take its place get it in the diary and move forward …. keep sending emails and trying to get more exposure.

I’ve had a brilliant week of gigging and learning ….. so here’s my proactive points for this week

* talk to all the other acts you never know where it will lead you… hopefully to your next gig !

* be patient but persistent if you have a goal go for it !!

* always be gracious (I was unable to do a gig this week due to family commitments) but I have a new gig from that organiser for another night !!! 👍

* keep knocking on doors ……..

* follow comedians on twitter see where everyone else is gigging and what comedy clubs are out there and just email away

The end of this week brought a great highlight for me …… I hoped to get a gig at Hot Water Comedy in Liverpool and today I got a slot !!!!!! It has made my week I cannot wait to do it, I was patient, got myself on the mailing list and waited for the right gig for me and went for it …..made up doesn’t cover it ……. my loyal supporters have got their tickets already !!!! Thanks girlies 😘

Big shout out to the Hubband who enthusiastically supports the shit outta me and records my sets and updates my web site he’s boss !! (Not THE boss ….. obvs !! That’s the baby….or the dogs but it’s defo not him or me 😂)

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading

Gem x